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Why Keep Pets?

There are many reasons why people keep pets and we will explore a few of the reasons here. Pets come in all sorts of sizes and types. Do not just limit yourself to dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, turtles and hamster. These are the most popular pets around, but did you know some people have sheep and cows as pets too?

For a start, we shall discuss the most popular pets of all, dogs. Throughout history, men have a very unique relationship with dogs. They are used for guarding the herd in farming practices, for hunting purposes, as guardians, to fight crime, and many more, ever since they were domesticated long time ago. The thing about dogs is that they are extremely loyal to their masters and you can trust a dog to stay with you through whatever circumstances you may face. This loyalty can hardly be found in people, and it is one of the reasons why they are so popular as pets.

Some of us keep pets as a pastime, most notably fish and birds. You spend your time nurturing your pets by feeding them and make them grow in the best environment and they in turn fascinate you with their grace and chirping. For those who have retired from work, keeping birds and fish can be a great pastime, allowing yourself to relax and spend time with your pets.

There are those who will keep their pets for commercial reasons. Fish is very popular for Chinese and once they grow to a certain size, some of the good breeds can fetch a fair amount of money, when sold to friends and other merchants. This is because fish like koi symbolizes prosperity and success, and those who keep them are looked upon with high regards. Birds can also be traded for a profit, and the desirable traits are beautiful features and in the case of breeds like Mynah, their ability to “speak”.

Some parents keep pets in their homes to teach children responsibility and introduce them to the animal kingdom. The kids are exposed to growth and death of their pets at a young age, and are taught to care for them daily, not just when they feel like it. Popular pets for this very purpose are the rabbits, chickens, dogs, and turtles. These animals are very domesticated and will not pose too much harm to young children, so it is safe to have them in the house.

Human beings are social creatures. We seek companionship and we want to have someone to talk to and we love to be listened to. Pets like dogs are great companion. For the elderlies, when their children have grown up and left the home, having a pet as a companion is definitely a great idea. Youngsters who are socially awkward can also keep a pet for companionship. A pet will not share your secrets with anybody and does not judge you on anything.

Lastly, some pets are kept because of the love of that particular animal. People are fascinated with different things. Some love to study the color of their fish, others like the fluff of a hamster, while some love to watch their cats purr and play with balls.

These are some of the reasons why people keep pets. There are of course many other reasons, such as getting daily chores done in the case of a guide dog, getting their fresh food supplies in the case of chickens, and many more. Click here to learn more about keeping growing livestock such as chickens.